We have a very vigorous remanufacturing process and commitment to excellence. All turbochargers disassembled, cleaned, examined and 100 % tested.

We 100 % change compressor wheels, bearings, piston rings, o-rings and seals with original components.

We balance wheels at every stage.

After assembling the reman we make the final test at normal operating conditions. We take print outs of every balancing operation and provide it to our customers you can find the date and the name of the technician who performed the remanufacturing operations on the final reman part.

Our reman turbos equal the quality of new ones or are even better.

We give you a two years warranty on all reman turbochargers.

We have remans for many brands and applications in stock.

I you give us veicle make/model or turbocharger manufacturer part number we can deliver to you next day for all major turbo manufacturers.